A Farce to be Reckoned With

Despite the early laughter and derision, people are actually watching Sun News, unnerving politically correct Canadians everywhere

Carly Lewis
Winter, 2012 | Comments (44) - Report an Error
Last July, Ezra Levant taunted critics when he donned a niqab on his prime time TV show The Source. His stunts may be tongue-in-cheek, but he's dead serious about his right to poke fun at liberal pet causes


“I’m not a fat ninja,” declared Ezra Levant. “It’s just me, Ezra, wearing a niqab.” That was the beginning of a segment of his Sun News Network television show, The Source, last July. He was indeed dressed in a style of burqa worn by women throughout the Arab Peninsula and wore it to make a statement against what he later referred to as “gender apartheid.” The niqab, according to Levant, is “a symbol of the inequality of women in radical Islam.” He dubbed it a “body bag” and Iran, “a hell hole.” Crew members giggled audibly from behind the scenes, suggesting that this was more of a gag than a feminist call to action. Heatedly, Levant detailed the reasoning behind his discomfort toward the niqab and wondered why Canadian feminists, “the bra burners from the 1960s,” hadn’t rallied together in protest over it. With his voice slightly muzzled by the cloth, Levant made his position on the garment painfully clear: “I’m in a one-person prison.”

The segment combined all the qualities that define Sun News Network: stubbornly contrarian, outrageously flippant and lacking in nuance, qualities many Canadians find distasteful. Quebecor Media is betting that the rest can’t wait to tune in for more, but the danger is the channel may exacerbate the growing political polarization in this country.

Quebecor’s announcement that it would launch Sun News generated widespread derision and plenty of angst. Jeffrey Simpson of The Globe and Mail labeled the channel “Fox News North” early on, a comparison that has either plagued or propelled the network since even before its April 2011 launch—depending on who’s talking. An activist organization called Avaaz garnered over 80,000 signatures protesting the channel months before it had even rolled the first clip. Among those signatories was Margaret Atwood, who emailed the Globe to say that the very idea of an unabashedly right-leaning television network was “part of the ‘I make the rules around here,’ Harper-is-a-king thing.” Sun Media’s Ottawa bureau chief, David Akin, host of Sun News’s Daily Briefs, said he was disappointed that Atwood would join what he called an “anti-free speech movement.” But even conservative Tasha Kheiriddin, a member of the National Post’s editorial board, wrote: “Sun TV really isn’t about Hard News and Straight Talk. It’s about Hot Chicks and Sexy Outfits.”

The tide of negative opinion has done nothing to temper the network’s tone and has perhaps even energized it. Sun News is calculated about doing the opposite of what other networks claim to take pride in, which is presenting the news as objectively as possible. Parent company Sun Media regards objectivity suspiciously, either simply as a force that turns every news story grey, bland and monotonous or as a cover for hidden (read: liberal) leanings. The company even withdrew its newspapers from the Ontario Press Council last July, citing incompatibility with the industry group’s “politically correct mentality.”

Antipathy to “political correctness” is the driving force at Sun News, the dark power against which the network heroically struggles—and its Death Star is undoubtedly Canada’s public broadcaster. “The CBC is exceedingly politically correct,” says Levant. “They have an official ‘line’ on everything from niqabs to the oil sands. That’s my chief criticism of the mainstream media in Canada: not that they’re liberal—though they generally are—but that they are so drearily uniform.” Beyond dull, CBC is a “billion-dollar Liberal campaign machine,” according to Levant. “Without a $1.1 billion a year subsidy like the CBC has, we just haven’t been able to afford hundreds and hundreds of middle managers to make our news as bland and politically correct as theirs.”

Quebecor wants to position Sun News as the polar opposite of what it sees as the CBC-Liberal Party establishment—right down to hiring Stephen Harper’s combative former communications director, Kory Teneycke, as vice-president in charge of the channel. That underdog posture—despite the backing of a multibillion dollar parent company, as well as political connections, informal or otherwise—is no coincidence. It’s how Fox News built its status as the number one cable news network in the United States. “Fox News North” is not an insult; it’s a mission statement.

Im not in the business of deciding who my watchers and listeners should be,” says Luc Lavoie, head of development for Sun News and former deputy chief of staff to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. “I’m in the business of offering a well-put-together product.” Lavoie, who maintains that he has no lingering connections to the Conservative Party, also points out that one of Sun News Network’s biggest media buys came from the Liberal Party during the last federal election campaign.

“Everyone was sounding the same,” he says of Canada’s media outlets prior to the launch of Sun News. “Everyone was pretending to be objective and reporting along the same lines. Everyone was in ‘do not disturb mode.’ We’re disturbing. We’re blue collar. We are provocative. And that’s what people were waiting for.”

Levant agrees. “Our news and views are circumscribed by a battalion of government regulations, including those enforced by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council,” he says. Of course, the CBSC is an industry organization, not a government one, but Levant is not about to let facts get in the way of a good rant. “Our government doesn’t trust us to listen to or watch as wide a variety of news as Americans are allowed.” Not without hope for a more Americanized style of reportage, Levant perks up when it comes to what the future holds. “Canada is slowly growing up out of its political correctness,” he says. “I think we’re slowly realizing that we’re not part of the European politically correct censorship model; we’re more in sync with the United States first amendment model.”

Though Sun has no formal affiliation with Fox News (in fact, it has a foreign footage agreement with CNN), the American network’s attitude, style and strategy are obvious inspirations. South of the border, Fox has bullied its way to the top of the cable news heap with a potent combination of slick production values, shrill headline-grabbing personalities and reactionary populism. By cannily exploiting—and exacerbating—the country’s deepening political divides, Fox has appointed itself a political rainmaker.

Sun News may have arrived at an opportune time to do the same for Canadian politics, where the middle ground is also eroding. With the Liberals in disarray following the 2011 federal election, the Conservatives sitting on a solid majority and the rise of the NDP to official opposition, Canadians increasingly have to choose between left and right. Sun News is here to capitalize.

Early opposition to Sun News contained a paradox: some critics decried the existence of the network while othersasserted no one would watch it anyway. This is Canada, after all—we’re not supposed to go for this sort of thing. Early ratings were, indeed, laughably low. Last summer, Quebecor announced it would not apply to renew Sun’s over-the-air broadcast licence, apparently content to live in the triple-digit Siberia of the specialty cable channels instead.

A Category 2 status designates the network as a broadcaster of “analysis and interpretation,” as opposed to a Category 1, which broadcasts news. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t watching. In fact, Sun is celebrating ratings that should make its competitors sweat: one month after its launch, figures from independent ratings agency BBM showed that Sun News’s prime time slots were attracting an average nightly audience of 18,900 in their first month. According to Lavoie, ratings are climbing even though he says Sun News reaches half the viewers of its competition. “It looks like there was a window in the market that was waiting for something.”

Kim Lian Khoo was waiting. “All TV channels in Canada up to this point have been Liberal-minded or socialist-biased in their views,” says the retired teacher from Fournier, Ontario, who watches Sun regularly. “This could be the legacy left behind by years of the Liberal government. There are so many issues which most mainstream media will not touch….”

She is not alone. “Unlike the regular Canadian mainstream media news channels, Sun TV pushes aside political correctness and reports on issues as they really are,” insists Orlin Olsen, a retired railroad worker living in Winnipeg, in what might as well be a spontaneous ad for the network. “I believe they look at the issues of the day through the eyes of ordinary Canadians rather than those of the liberal-left academic elites who seem to call the shots in our country. Ordinary Canadians appreciate their honesty and candour.”

Arguing about the definition of bias is nothing new. “At the core of the debates about affirmation journalism and outlets like Sun TV is the question of whom journalism should serve, and how,” says Candis Callison, an assistant journalism professor at the University of British Columbia. “When opinion masquerades as fact, it can be very dangerous.”

For Sun News, concerns about objectivity or political correctness come second to “Grreeeat TV,” which is what Canada Live host Krista Erickson promised viewers before she began an infamous interview with Margie Gillis last summer. The dancer and choreographer sat alone in a Montreal studio last June to do a satellite interview. The show’s producers had told Gillis the discussion would be about the value of funding the arts. When the interview began, however, Erickson, who’d spent 11 years as a CBC reporter before joining Sun, interrogated Gillis with questions about how much government funding she’d received during her 39-year career and why she felt any arts community was deserving of government money at all. Swirling her arms around to mimic the style of modern dance Gillis performs, Erickson didn’t mince words: “Why does this cost $1.2 million over 13 years?”

The interview quickly melted down. Gillis responded, repeatedly, that she thought Sun News’s statistics were inaccurate and that Canadian dance deserves funding. At one point, as the two women spoke over each other, Gillis piped up as the voice of reason. “I’m your guest,” she reminded Erickson. “Perhaps you might let me speak.”

The segment resulted in more than 6,600 citizen complaints against Sun News filed with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. It typically receives 2,000 per year.

Such stunts have become Sun’s stock-in-trade. In June, Levant invited an animal rights activist from PETA onto his show to discuss the ethical treatment of zoo animals and then proceeded to eat chicken wings throughout the interview. Such gimmicks follow in the tradition of Glenn Beck, the former Fox host who once poured pretend-gasoline on the head of a guest because he felt “disenfranchised” by Barack Obama. “Most people do not consume news,” says Levant. “So anything that makes the news more entertaining is probably helpful. I do not regard myself as being in the ‘strictly news’ business. I am not a reporter. I’m in the opinion business, which is more suitable for humour and entertainment.”

Because the Sun personalities on prime time don’t consider themselves reporters, that allows them to do and say whatever they want. By not making claims about being fair and balanced, Sun News doesn’t have to make any promises it can’t keep. (When he was at Fox, Glenn Beck preferred the term “opinion guy.”) But doesn’t the blurry line between fact and opinion threaten to misinform viewers, who tune in for news but get commentary instead? “If that were the case,” says Levant, “We would all be drinking New Coke and driving Edsels and we would have voted for the Charlottetown Accord. People are skeptical and they’re smarter than most journalists give them credit for.”

Canada already has news networks and publications whose mandates champion objectivity. It wouldn’t have been in Quebecor’s financial interest to start another, nor would it help polarize Canadian politics and bury the Liberals. So where most networks proclaim fairness and balance, Sun News promises “Hard News and Straight Talk.”

And when its reporters—ahem, commentators and analysts—talk about what exactly this means, they repeat the following like a mantra: “Unbiased reporting is a myth.” Mike Strobel, former editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun who is now a columnist at the paper and a regular on Sun News, doesn’t hesitate to defend the channel’s overt biases and redirects any pointed fingers in the direction of CBC: “Their claims to objectivity mask the fact that a lot of CBC journalists tend to be kind of left-wing. Biases tend to be more subtle, whereas Sun News, to its credit, is in your face.”

The matter of discerning bias in reporting is a fertile topic, but let’s not forget the fact that Sun’s flagship news anchor is calling Iran “a hell hole” on prime time television. That’s something new in Canadian broadcasting, and while the academics ponder the ethics of “fairness” and “balance,” Sun News Network is barging ahead, ignoring its prudish critics and accumulating viewers in the process. And if anyone doesn’t like it, Lavoie has a simple suggestion: “Switch to another channel.”

Many people will, of course, just as many Americans despise Fox News. Sun doesn’t need to lead in the ratings to have an effect on other channels, on political parties and on the tenor of Canadian political culture. The culture of news reporting in America today is different because of competitive pressures from Fox. With Sun going after the CBC, and the Conservatives holding a majority government, the conversation will surely shift on every channel. Ripples emanating from that outpost in cable Siberia show the signs of things to come.


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Not a viewer anymore
I watched this station when coming from the CN Tower. It is like watching a religious station, or program like 700 Club. I waited for something to happen, or tell me something interesting... Change channels... came back 10 minutes later and they still had not come to the point. If this was part of a radio program day, it might get better ratings.
Posted on 08/25/2014
I wonder what planet Ben and Ann live, because Sun is hardly a news network, it is full of opinions, but very little substance. Those opinions are some of the most foolish rubbish I have ever heard. The people who are the contributors are the people who thought the Iraq War and the War on Terror is a great idea, that Christians are persecuted(something that even the Sun's Michael Coren doesn't believe)and that global warming is a hoax. While I will defend Sun News right to exist, it doesn't mean that one shouldn't criticize it. I think Ann and people like her should consume something other that Sun News to broaden her opinions, but I seriously doubt it.
Posted on 05/25/2014
The socialists in this country must be jumping for joy now that there hero Putin is on the move. They are obviously overjoyed that one of there socialist leaders (Obama) is leading the way by putting his head in the sand. They must be so proud. Thankfully there is a voice called Sun news that is sounding the alarm of the dangers of having socialists any where near the seat of power. The tide is starting to turn and soon the masses will awaken and seed the socialists to the side lines like they did here in Canada in the last election. All the more evident how annoyed they are when you read the comments from the trolls. Thanks Sun News for leading the way.
Posted on 04/24/2014
Well now...

As is common with all comment threads on similar topics, it is immediately apparent that there are far more statements than facts. 'The media is left wing' or 'thank god finally an alternative to the pinko socialists'.... etc... Yes that would be you john, joeclark and Johny...

And really? Joe Clark? You obviously know absolutely nothing about that great man, who among other things attending and cried at Pierre Elliot Trudeau's funeral and in a little reported but extremely telling incident warned us all NOT to vote for Harper. He is perhaps the last remaining true conservative, ie: one you can actually have a conversation with that has some relation to reality. A lost generation they are the Stanfield's and Danny Williams.... sigh.

So John, Joe and Donny, and every other one of your trolls on here, how about actually providing something remotely resembling evidence for this 'left wing bias' of our supposedly liberal media?

I mean, really anything, I'll take whatever I can get as nobody in my life so far has been able to produce anything that would pass any kind of test as to what we would even begin to consider evidence.

And before you begin to troll on here with your responses, let us take the guy on here called 'Drew' and CBC's supposedly feminist agenda. Firstly, given the many different branches of feminism, I have to ask, which one are you talking about? (Do you even know what you are talking about to begin with? As in: what is a feminist in a basic sense?).

Second, being a feminist does not mean you are leftist. (Again do you know what you are talking about?).

Thirdly, if you manage to deal with deal with the first two questions and prove that CBC has a feminist bent to it, you then need to explain why feminism is bad. Do women not deserve equal pay for equal work? How about equal rights?

So yeah, lets see it boys and girls, bring some facts instead of vitriol for a change and arguments that can stand to something resembling reason.
Posted on 03/16/2014
I watch Sun News to get the real stories the mainstream marxist media will not venture near, it goes to show just how screwed up this country has become under previous Liberal governments. We had become a new world order experiment under the UN and past Liberal rule, now the tide maybe turning. Thank God, thanks to this common sence sane take on all things Canada.
Posted on 02/18/2014
I love SUN TV, I just wish it had a few more hundred thousand people watching it. I can't find anybody at work that watches it and have a meanless conversation about the shows. I'm glad all of the SUN viewers have posted their comments here to show their support. SUN TV can easily double or triple their audience cause people here in Canada are smarter than Americans who watch the other great station FOX News.
Posted on 01/29/2014
Shocking... Sun news doesn't fit the downtown narrative. Most of Canada does fit that narrative, which is why we have a conservative government. Go sun news!!!!
Posted on 01/11/2014
Murdoch's Newscorp has just delivered power to a bigoted, incompetent and elitist government in Australia. Giving air time and page space to one side of politics who have used it to destroy the reputations and careers of gifted individuals and groups with it's ranting,sensationalist, hysterical headlines, biased editorials and partiality of reporting by shock-jock journalists.
Where is it OK to say that "the Prime Minister's (Julia Gillard's) father died of shame", to accuse her/him of lying and then manufacture scandal to support your statements. When is it OK to claim that the Prime Minister's partner must be gay because he is a hairdresser ("and we all know that male hairdressers are gay").
The High Court in Australia has found accusations made by mostly Murdoch employees during the election campaign to be false. These include sexual harrassment claims by James Ashby against federal minister and Speaker Peter Slipper to have been manufactured by Liberal-National Party hacks George Brandis and Mal Brough. Even the new Liberal-National PM Tony Abbott has apologised to Indonesia and Malaysia for statements made during the election campaign as being said purely for political reasons, to win the election. He was never held to account by the Murdoch press for his statements such as, "We will stop the boats", "We will repeal the Carbon and the mining tax", "We have a budget emergency". The Liberal-National Party was never asked by Murdoch's Press how these would be achieved.
Now, The Australian Press Council has chastised Newscorp outlets for unethical and biased practice during the election campaign.
The outcome, however, is that Murdoch has won the Australian election. His mouthpiece Tony Abbott, a self-serving puppet has gone missing since the Murdoch/Liberal/National Party coalition win and he will not allow his ministers to speak to the press.
Remember too that Rupert Murdoch is the man who allowed his staff to hack the phone of a murdered school girl, amongst others, in the UK. He renounced his Australian citizenship for profit but controls what "news" millions of people across the globe hear, for profit. He is an extremely dangerous individual.

We will all watch, read, listen to and hear what we choose. We should all, however, be aware that Murdoch's aim is to appeal to the lowest common denominator, the basest of human instincts and this is why we need to remain vigilant as to the quality and veracity of the "information" that comes from this corporation.
Posted on 11/04/2013
Those who believe other networks or sources of news aren't politically biased are being intellectually dishonest or are just deluding themselves. If you believe in diversity and pluralism in Canada, dissenting voices such as Sun News should be supported.
Posted on 09/06/2013
"Thank God for the Sun News Network", "I love Sun TV", "Sun is truly a breath of fresh air". Either Sun News has their interns trolling on these message boards or there are way more intellectually limited Canadians then I thought.
Posted on 08/22/2013
Thank God for Sun News network. I am finally watching Canadian news on a truly Canadian news channel that is interesting and believable compared to most othernews media that are more interested in forcing their own bi-assed lefty, pinko socialist opinions on people rather than like real journalism of old when reporters simply reported all the FACTS of a case and let the reader decide for themselves the truth or fabrications of their opinions. Today, facts be damned, just believe whatever I tell you! Unfortunately for Canada, there are far too many of those from all walks of life who can't or simply won't think for themselves and are being lead like sheep to destruction. Harper has managed to put a great dent in their aspirations to again have a leader that kow tows to their socialist agendas. And that is why the mainstream media is in such a frenzy, "to get Harper" at all costs. The opposition is getting so desperate that I would not be at all surprised to see them unite in an unholy patrimony to attain that end in 2015. If so, I predict a result the same as last time they considered. Canadians just aren't as stupid as many politicians . . ..................................,,.,,.,,,......................................,,,........................... think we are!!!
Posted on 08/02/2013
Sun News is the sole democratic voice countering Canada's mainstream, politically correct, media gestapo.
Posted on 03/28/2013
Sun News North.. propaganda at it's best.
They should not be a "news" agent.. due to their rather disseminating load of crud dug up from under their armpits and spewed to the masses as "entertainment", or "opinions".
Yep.. they don't think highly of Canadian people.. wanting us to finance their BS in order to alter our thinking by way of distraction, idiocy and lunatic antics all followed by derisive nonsense that supports comrade harper and his lunatic fringe.
I'd rather watch Sesame Street for it's far more intelligent, and truthful.
Posted on 02/22/2013
As long as the Sun TV is not owned and operated by the Neo Con connection, I have no problems with an alternative non-PC point of view. It's long overdue!
Posted on 02/22/2013
If they, Sun ie Fox News North are not as extreme as their Leftist competitors, such as CBC(with regard to their feminized agenda) then this is a good thing. I am guardedly optimistic as a `social conservative'
Posted on 02/21/2013
canada 11--I hope sun news does promote divisiveness between left and right,our mainstream media leans way to far to the left, there is no real balance at all--maybe now there will be
Posted on 01/19/2013
The far right despise the working class.
Posted on 12/04/2012
Sun "News," my foot. Why don't they be truly honest and call themselves what they actually are, like "Sun Propaganda" or "Sun Harper Shrimping"?
Posted on 11/18/2012
I found Sun TV to be arrogant, pro-establishment, elitist, and not at all reflective of blue collar or working class. I'm sickened by the way the reporters act as if they know it all and they are so right. It is so biased towards the elites. Sun TV news makes a big deal about nothing...today Sun TV said that Syria was asked to join the U.N. on human rights. Yeah sure they were.
Posted on 07/06/2012
Karl Marx Brothers
I am reading this and all I have to say is: stop smoking your breakfast, lunch and supper. You call this journalism? I have met stoned hippies with more common sense than you. Another bunch of left-wing loons spewing Pol Potist, Stalinist propaganda with impunity...Soros, your paymaster, must be proud of you!
Posted on 04/21/2012
Luc Lavoie claims Sun News is "blue-collar"? It is anything but - fighting the interests of the working class daily, and pandering to their worst reactionary and racist instincts. Sun News is not blue collar, it is brown shirts all the way.
Posted on 02/14/2012
ed mann
sun news writers are posting comments here.
Posted on 01/31/2012
If you pay attention to what some people are saying, you will find that they are encouraging you NOT to watch Sun TV for whatever personal reasons they may have. Lets make one thing clear, this is still a semi-free country. If you want to watch Sun TV, you have that right. If you don't, you have that right.
I don't believe CBC or the Thomson family's CTV/Globeandmail should be silenced either. They are well within their rights to speak to their liberal/NDP base.
When people/gov't start legislating what people can or can not do, you create a slippery slope to loss of other rights.

If you truly PAY ATTENTION, you will find this is what Ezra is actually saying.
Posted on 01/14/2012
If you pay attention to what some people are saying, you will find that they are encouraging you NOT to watch Sun TV for whatever personal reasons they may have. Lets make one thing clear, this is still a semi-free country. If you want to watch Sun TV, you have that right. If you don't, you have that right.
I don't believe CBC or the Thomson family's CTV/Globeandmail should be silenced either. They are well within their rights to speak to their liberal/NDP base.
When people/gov't start legislating what people can or can not do, you create a slippery slope to loss of other rights.

If you truly PAY ATTENTION, you will find this is what Ezra is actually saying.
Posted on 01/14/2012
I really hope that most of those posting their praise for the antics of SunTV are marginalized people.

This channel and this approach is all about hate. These individuals hate people different from them (and in the end, everyone is different than them and can be hated at some point) and these announcers pander to that lowest common denominator.
I'm all for a well-founded Conservative news outlet, which rewards the intelligence and vision of many members of the right. But to not only make us all look like raving, chicken-wing eating angry bigots but to incite these troubled people further is terrifying.
Posted on 01/04/2012
Who's this person posting over and over with different names about how they love SunTV?
Posted on 01/04/2012
Sun TV provides much needed balance and healthy counterweight to existing Toronto media. Hooray!
Posted on 01/03/2012
Without Sun News, there would be precious little rebuttal to CBCs and CTVs take on events. Sun News is a healthy development for Canadian broadcasting, one that will ultimately improve the other networks.
Posted on 01/02/2012
Hard to beat SunTV. Nice to hear an honest point of view.
Posted on 01/02/2012
I'm Conservative and I don't consider myself to be a right-winger. In fact, I've very much a middle-of-the-road type person.
Why do people to the left of the political spectrum always demand that 'right-wingers' be silenced because they're being divisive?
Michel, if there was a liberally biased parade of political-correctness devotees marching down the road you would undoubtedly be leading it and I would be standing at the side championing your right to do so.
Posted on 01/02/2012
Sun TV is the Right wing Fascist arm of the Murdoch Media empire which itself is covertly banker controlled---The same way the CBC is a Left wing Fascist arm and again banker controlled while being subsidized by the taxpayer at the same time! It is quite apparent to those who have brains, whose interests that these 2 networks serve...to the Corporations and politicans who they pay lip service to including the CBC which by any PUBLIC broadcast standards should be COMMERCIAL-FREE, tv included....Sun Tv wants you to believe the ruse that are different,when they in fact are not.... Simply playing the other side of a 2 headed coin....
Posted on 01/02/2012
Sun News a threat? To what? The CBC? Give me a break!! Sun News is covering the news that I, as a news junkie used to get only off the internet from small news providers. Good on them. They are actually helping lead Canada out of the hideous direction that Trudeau and the Left were taking it in. There just may be a chance for Canada's freedoms yet!!
Posted on 01/02/2012
I see this article as more of an endorsement of Sun TV than lambasting it. In fact the first three paragraphs were a setup for a puff piece. If you don't like Sun TV that's awesome because I don't like the CBC. I have to pay for your station but you don't have to pay for mine.
Posted on 01/02/2012
"... the danger is the channel may exacerbate the growing political polarization in this country."

Translation: those who disagree with the political views of left-leaning journalists may actually have an outlet. The alternatives to socialist dogma may be persuasive to some of the plebes, and that's dangerous.

Note how often journalists describe opposing political views with a pejorative term like "polarizing". Casting opponents as mere trouble-makers, who are just trying to stir the pot, is so much easier than actually addressing their ideas.
Posted on 01/02/2012
Political correctness has killed this country, it has made all blind to what is really going on, installing fear in us to ask the real questions. And what is really interesting is that across my personal life the majority I speak with are more right-wing then what they realize but a too afraid to speak out in the name of correctness. Thank god for Sun News

You may not hate Islam, but much of Islam hates you
First Nations is broken
CBC is pissing away our money and riding the left train to nowhere
Harper did win a majority and the big red machine is nothing more then a pipe dream now, that is Canada
Posted on 01/02/2012
Cory Morgan
Canada is long overdue for an alternative to the pap that conventional stations have been feeding us cloaked as news reporting. Sun is honest in it's bias whereas our State Broadcaster denies theirs (despite a blatant Liberal bias). It is telling that those who do not like the leaning of Sun news constantly try to have state regulators bring the channel to an end rather than let viewers decide. The left has never had respect for the broad airing of views.
Posted on 01/02/2012
Sun Media, in my opinion and probably yours, is nearly unwatchable. However, I also consider CBC, CTV and Global news unwatchable, but for different reasons. This article contains the phrase, "exacerbate the growing political polarization", one which I find very interesting. How are you measuring it? By a Tory majority, which must surely indicate some terrible imbalance? Exacerbate? It is bad and getting worse? The May 2, 2011 was not about the Conservatives leading the country. They just got in front of a parade that was gathering numbers and speed. Sun Media is reflecting Canada to itself in ways that you cannot comprehend. Margaret Atwood's reflexive impulse to silence and censor, and the Canadian left's complicity in that hateful and shameful campaign, should make clear to you what Sun Media and other conservative outlets are fighting against and fighting for. But you probably have no idea what those things are, and you probably never will. Good luck in your future endeavours. Over the next ten or twelve years, in this country, with your mindset, you will need it.
Posted on 01/02/2012
After living in the UK for 30 years, 25 working for the BBC, I was surprised to find to find on my return to Canada how bias and bigoted the CBC was, especially for a supposedly "balanced" public broadcaster.

While Sun TV is still developing as a broadcaster, it presence highlights just how much the need for reform of the CBC is required.

When Channel 4 was first launched in the UK it was very rough & ready; Sun TV, by contrast, is so much more advanced, and that bodes well for the network's future as it builds its following and business.
Posted on 01/02/2012
Thank God a channel has arrived that isnt afraid to talk about Canadian Sacred Cows and the money being wasted on them. Can you imagine CBC talking about the waste of money and inequality bilingualism is causing in Canada. How about CBC reporting on its own use of the money us tax payers are forced to pay to keep them operating while dening us the right to see what we are paying for. CBC has been a liberal party tool for decades. To worried to bite the hand that has been buying its broadcasting support. Time to let CBC survive on its own and watch the news become more unbiased.
Thank God for Sun TV.
Posted on 01/01/2012
Sun TV does not stand for anything. Did you people not read this article, particularly the parts which reveal Sun's management is littered with former Conservative party officials? It's a blatant propaganda machine built to dish out racism and right wing "values." Just look at the photo of Levant at the top of this page. It is grossly offensive (to be honest with you I am shocked that the Ryerson Review even ran it) just like the rest of Sun's programming. The whole purpose of the network is to shock viewers and get their blood boiling. Open your eyes. Take Luc Lavoie's own advice and switch to a different station.
Posted on 01/01/2012
The best thing that happened in Canada in 2011 was Sun News. The editors, writers and journalists at Sun News are exactly what Canada needed. Who would have imagined that Canada would have a television news broadcaster that combined sincerity, honesty, fair balance of opinion and even humour in it’s coverage of news and in it’s editorial comment. Quebecor answered all that criticism with the Dirty Harry attitude of “GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY.” Thanks Quebecor you made my year. I havn't watched Fox news or CNN since you came on the air. I AM CANADIAN!
Posted on 01/01/2012
Canada II
There is nothing healthy about having a network dedicated to promoting divisiveness between left and right.

It is simply going to bring our political system closer to the American system... and that's not a plus. And no, I am certainly not anti-American as I have both lived and work there.
Posted on 01/01/2012
Sun is truly like a breath of fresh air. It is so nice to hear the facts presented without the never ending socialistic bias delivered by the other broadcasters, especially CBC. And wasn't Ezra Levants visit to the CBC foyer hilarious. It's nice to see that left wing bully network now having to consider it's options. Canada is already, and will continue to be a politically healthier place to live because of the Sun Network. Go Sun Go.
Posted on 01/01/2012
I love Sun TV and all the people working there. It is the best thing that has happened to Canada. I thank Mr. Harper for having the ability to see that the country was getting only the Liberal version of all that took place in this country. I thank God that I am able to remain Canadian without feeling guilty about it. I no longer feel as though I am being chocked in my own Country. You bet I love Sun TV and all it stands for.
Posted on 01/01/2012